A Total Web Solution

While there are many factors which will come to define your businessís success in an increasingly internet-dependent world; with much of it based upon your websiteís design. You could have all the best marketing tools at your disposal, with robust email marketing, excellent, efficient PPC campaigns; but all will be for naught if the place where all of the traffic is directed to, namely your website, isnít able to close the deal.

Freetimers focuses on numerous areas which can grow your business, from SEO and PPC, to website programming and design. The thing which sets us apart from other web design or marketing agencies is that with us, you can fulfil all of your internet marketing and design requirements from one place, one company, with expertise ranging from multiple areas which are sure to be relevant to your businessís continued development. However, this isnít the only thing which defines us; we also offer bespoke services, so that you can have a tailor-made website which suits your needs, with targeted marketing campaigns which ensure that the website reaches maximum exposure among your target audience.

We do web design differently than many design agencies out there, which tend to focus too much on producing a website which meets branding requirements, but ignores all of the requirements of internet competition. With us, you receive a design which offers great usability for your visitors, excellent design features which meet the branding requirements, all with a goal of turning your visitors into customers.